What's in a Name?

What is a “Sports Chew”?

If you chew tobacco or have chewed before, you already know what Herd Sports Chew looks, feels, and tastes like. It’s formulated just like a long cut tobacco and packaged in the same familiar tins (or cans, depending on your local lingo). You may already be familiar with some tobacco substitute products on the market. Some are cessation products or pouches, a major negative for anyone that likes traditional long-cut dip. Herd Sports Chew is a new product category. What makes it innovative is the ingredients were selected first, strictly for their reported benefits based on published studies that support there use as supplements. Then, we went in the lab and worked tirelessly to formulate the ingredients into a traditional long-cut chew.

Our flagship product is Vitalize. It comes in two flavors, Mint and Wintergreen (but stay tuned, we are hard at work developing more classic flavors). It has a base of white willow bark and valerian root.

White willow bark is a traditional herb and supplement whose extract contains anti-inflammatory and pain relieving compounds including salicin, which your body metabolizes to a compound very similar to aspirin. Valerian root is an herb with great benefits for sleep regulation and relaxation. Through a proprietary process, we mature the chew and add various other ingredients in the process; Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants, L-glutamine is an essential amino acid and commonly used supplement for muscle recovery, Magnesium citrate provides an easily absorbed source of magnesium, important for regulating blood pressure and glycemic control. Honey, cayenne, and apple cider vinegar help flavor, preserve, and formulate the product into a nicely packing chew, and they also have their own great benefits. For instance, honey can enhance blood glucose availability and cayenne can diminish nicotine withdrawal. Natural flavor (e.g. mint or wintergreen oil) is added to give the chew a great taste and finish.

Herd Sports Chew is already finding its way into professional and amateur locker rooms and sports fields at the top level. But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed – the pros aren’t!

Visit herdchew.com for more details.