“Let’s just embrace the culture”

The tobacco culture is pervasive in pro sports. It is most visible in baseball because we can see the guys come to the mound or the plate with a huge chew in. But anyone that has played sports into their adolescence and adulthood knows that it’s there in every sport and at every level. All the way up to the pros, guys are chewing in pro hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse, golf, and the list goes on.
Co-founder Shane Sims
Of course, athletes are aware of the obvious – chewing tobacco isn’t healthy and increases your chances of getting cancer dramatically.
So why do athletes chew then?
It is part of the culture, they’ve always done it, or there is some benefit or perceived benefit they are getting from it. Baseball players say it calms their nerves or helps them focus at the plate. Hockey players – same reason before hitting the ice. In pro football you see guys throwing in a chew on the sidelines after touchdown drives, and in the locker room after a big game. We’ve all been on the bus or at the hotel during training camp or after a game and thrown in a chew to talk game or share a few good stories with our teammates. Basically, there are a lot of reasons guys keep a tin on them and go to it over and over. We get it, and lecturing athletes and telling them it’s bad for them hasn’t and won’t make everybody give it up.
Co-founder Dan Gronkowski
What’s the alternative?
At Herd, we came together and just said, “let’s make a chew that is just better then tobacco, period”. If we could do it, then there would be no need to abandon the chewing culture. We can, and have, replaced tobacco with a product that contains great supplements that athletes are using anyway (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, amino acids) that and gives that natural buzz, without any of the bull. It’s not in a pouch, it’s not a gimmick with bogus ingredients, it packs and tastes like traditional chewing tobacco flavors. It finally provides an option for the guys that aren’t looking to give up chew, or guys who are, but can’t find a product to replace it in their routine. If seeds, jerky, gum, or energy pouches just isn’t getting the job done, then you have to give Herd Sports Chew a try.