Happy Holidays! Catching up with Herd and Big News out of the MLB…

MLG bans smokeless tobacco for new players next year – but veterans still grandfathered in. See the ESPN story here.

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far and wishing everyone the very best over into the New Year.

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What’s new in the MLB?

We had a goal back in 2014 to develop and provide athletes with a tobacco-free dip/chew option. We think there is unstoppable momentum to remove smokeless tobacco from sports entirely, and recent news out of the MLB is validating our belief. Next year, new players will not be allowed to chew – and the rule seems like it has plenty of support from current players and managers.

While some will be slower to come around than others, we think we’ve already reached a critical mass of “awareness”, and definitive rule changes like this will continue to trickle in until smokeless is no more in competitive sports. We are proud to be working on our part to help athletes and others actively choose to use a completely tobacco-free, nicotine-free alternative, but one that has all the features that you want – long cut, great flavor, rational ingredients.

Stay well, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!