It's Time Y'all Herd of Us

It's Time Y'all Herd of Us


Walk into any pro locker room or meeting room and look around – you will probably see 5 or 10 guys with a dip or chew in. Now, try and think of a pro athlete that smokes cigarettes – you can’t think of one, can you? That’s because it’s not the substances themselves (tobacco/nicotine) that athletes want, it’s the habit of chewing that we crave. We’re here to embrace the habit, but with a product that’s superior to chewing tobacco, and healthy.

The guys at Herd are changing the game with an innovative new product you have to get your hands on and try – it’s called Herd Sports Chew. The chew is comprised of ten clutch ingredients; all backed in the scientific literature for their health and performance benefits. The ingredients are incorporated at their demonstrated effective doses, and formulated through a proprietary production process into an awesome tasting chew that packs like long-cut tobacco. We’ve flavored it with familiar natural flavors too – Mint and Wintergreen. Check out to read all about the science behind the chew, to find out who is using it.

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How did this masterpiece come together? In the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, three friends and athletes came together and came to few simple conclusions that we’ve all made at one point in time: Athletes chew or dip, they like it, and they often do it for a reason. Whether it’s post game to relax, in the hotel or on the bus to pass the time, before a game or practice to calm the nerves – athletes chew and the perceived benefit outweighs the risks and consequences they know it has. What athletes and chewers also know though is there is no real evidence to suggest nicotine or tobacco is a medicine that provides the pharmacological benefit they are looking for. It “works” for athletes because of the psychological vice and enjoyment or comfort of throwing in a chew. Chewers know this – it’s no secret. So what did we do? We embraced the desires and reasons everyone tosses in a chew and said: “Let’s make a chew that simply beats tobacco in every sense – It will be healthy, contain supplements for athlete maintenance and performance (pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, recovery), and it will pack, feel, and taste like long-cut tobacco without the pouch!”

You may be asking yourself, “are these guys credible, and do they know what they are doing?” Fair question, so let us answer it for you. We have made it to the top level of our respective crafts and we know chewing tobacco. Now, we are Herd.

So, now you’ve Herd about us! What are you waiting for? The age of tobacco is dead. Visit for more info!