Chewing Tobacco Use is Up Among Athletes says CDC

According to a new study, chewing tobacco use among young athletes is on the rise.

Athletes clearly want to chew and they often assume some benefit to performance, nerves, recovery, etc.

Enter Herd Sports Chew, a long cut dip packed with vitamins and supplements with no tobacco or nicotine.

The ingredients are strategically geared towards athletes and active individuals. Have a look:


Check out this recent study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a US government entity that studies tobacco use trends and consequences. They found use of chew/dip is going down among non-athletes but is still going UP among high school athletes. This is what we have been saying all along!! Here’s what the CDC said:

"higher smokeless tobacco use among athletes compared with nonathletes suggests athletes might perceive these products as being harmless, socially acceptable, or even a way to enhance athletic performance"

"Using smokeless tobacco products can adversely affect athletic performance and cause disease and premature death because they can contain nicotine, toxins, and carcinogens."

Dip is even MORE popular once kids get out of high school and hit college or the pros.


Athletes are going to dip, there’s just no way around it. Herd Sport’s Chew is a better option that is packed with familiar vitamins and herbs, not useless carcinogens. At $5 a tin or less, you can’t go wrong. Not sure? Give a sampler pack a try (2 tins, 2 flavors, $9.99).

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